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Court Support Agents

Available at the Brampton Courthouse Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, our Court Support agents are trained in all aspects of filing and order management. We have legal administrative background and are knowledgeablewith the Rules of Civil Procedure and Family Law Rules. We carefully review your documents to ensure accuracy and timeliness before filing.

Instant Updates

Our Court Support Agents upload data to this site directly from the Courthouse.You will have instant access to: date, time and status of your Work Order.In addition, attachments are uploaded and you are able to view Table of Contents, Endorsements, Orders/Judgments, etc, instantly.

Process Servers

We are experienced and trained to effectively serve court documents. We make a total of three attempts at the same address - three different time slots (morning, afternoon, night) and three different days (one attempt will be a weekend). We keep exact records of each attempt. We are trained to observe our surroundings and provide detailed information for your review. Once service has been completed, we provide an Affidavit of Service. If substituted service is applicable, we provide an Affidavit in support of our attempted service

Instant Updates

Our Process Servers upload data directly from the service location with each attempt, givingyou instant access to all details such as the date, time, descriptions and photos (if applicable).


Our Core Values

At NACAR, we seek to protect and build our company's good reputation with positive ethical role. We pursue excellence in performing our duties and are well informed and prepared. We abide by laws, rules and regulations relating to our business activities.

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